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Valve Manifold Boxes – All You Need To Know

by Priscilla Terry

Suppose your company relies heavily on fluids or gasses, but you have few sources and many distribution points. In that case, you are likely to face challenges getting every element to where it's needed. But that shouldn't be a problem if you have manifold boxes. These components serve as delivery boxes for multiple compatible gases and fluids. Therefore, you can use a valve manifold box as a centralized distributor and avoid installing different supply sources likely to consume valuable space. Below are several points that will help you understand valve manifold boxes. 

1. Valve manifold boxes have many benefits

Valve manifold boxes have their fair share of pros. First, these components allow you to distribute fluids or gases safely and dependably. And that is vital, mainly if you handle dangerous products. Quality manifold boxes undergo rigorous testing for leaks and other problems, meaning they are safe to use and usually guaranteed to function seamlessly. Manufacturers also design valve manifold boxes that help you minimize downtime and subsequent losses, making them incredibly cost-effective. In addition, with this solution, you don't have to spend large amounts erecting many supply sources and expanding your facility to accommodate them. Besides, some components have unique designs, such as front-mounted features, that make maintenance and repairs more manageable. 

2. Several factors can help you choose suitable valve manifold boxes

Selecting the best manifold box for your operations can be confusing if you've never done it before. Fortunately, several factors help you pick a suitable product. These include your application's flow and pressure. You should go for a manifold box that offers consistent pressure control and is large enough to accommodate your fluid or gas system's delivery requirements. Don't forget that valve manifold boxes are made from different materials and have unique characteristics. Therefore, you should look for a product with the materials and qualities required to handle the temperature of the fluid or gas under distribution. Most importantly, you should get a device tailored for the substances that need distribution, either gas or liquid.  

3. Custom valve manifold boxes are available in the market

If you don't find a ready-made valve manifold box that suit's your needs and preferences, don't worry. That shouldn't bother you because some suppliers offer custom-made products. These come with unique features that enable them to handle particular materials, such as pneumatic air, hydraulic fluid, fuel, compressed air, or oil. To summarize, if your applications demand special tools and equipment, ordering specialty or custom manifold boxes is highly advisable. And when you acquire an item from a reputable manufacturer, experts will make it to your specification. For instance, if you are in a sensitive industry like healthcare, consider seeking professionals that will make manifold boxes with unique features like automatic emergency shutoff valves.

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