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Planning To Rent A Roll-Off Dumpster For Property Cleanup? Improve Your Experience With These Important Tips

by Priscilla Terry

Keeping your property clean and neat is an important ownership responsibility that most real estate owners take seriously. Piles of discarded junk or trash or accumulated debris left over from a construction or renovation project create a messy, uncared for appearance that can be irritating to neighboring landowners or even result in fines or other unpleasant legal issues. Property owners who are facing this kind of cleanup may feel overwhelmed by the task they face, especially if the amount of trash they will need to remove is well beyond the amount allowed to be placed on the curb for regular garbage pickup. 

Because of their larger capacity, a roll-off dumpster can be a convenient option for property owners who are about to embark on a major cleanup of a home, business, or other piece of real estate. 

Size the roll-off container for the need

Most roll-off container companies offer several dumpster sizes. When considering the available sizes, property owners will need to consider where the dumpster will be housed while it is on the cleanup site. The roll-off dumpster supplier will be able to provide property owners with the length and width of each dumpster they offer, as well as the number of yards of garbage it is rated to contain. Property owners can then measure the site where they want to locate the dumpster to ensure enough space is available for the size they are having delivered to the property. 

Another point that must be considered when selecting the most appropriate roll-off dumpster size is the type of trash or debris that will be placed inside during the cleanup. Small items or those that are bagged typically take up less space than large, bulky items, like discarded couches, appliances, or cabinets. Taking care to select the proper size will help reduce the number of times the dumpster will need to be emptied during the cleanup project and help to limit unnecessary costs. 

Plan ahead for delivery of the roll-off dumpster

Because roll-off dumpsters must be delivered to the site, it is important that property owners arrange for the delivery well ahead of the dates when they expect to need the dumpster. Property owners can get information about expected delivery schedules, as well as permit and site requirements by contacting the roll-off dumpster service before making final plans for their cleanup project. Additionally, property owners will need to make sure that they request information about any rules and regulations that may be related to the types of trash, debris, or other items allowed inside the dumpster. 

For more information, contact a company near you that provides roll-off dumpsters