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Adding A Stair Lift To Your Home

by Priscilla Terry

The installation of a stair lift can be an upgrade that a person with mobility problems may need to make if they are to freely move around their home. While a stair lift can be essential for accessing the second story of your home without needing to walk up the stairs, you may have only recently started to consider using this option.

Do Stair Lifts Have To Be Located Indoors?

Depending on the design of your house, you may need to walk up a series of stairs in order to access the front door. For those with mobility issues, this could be extremely difficult or even unsafe for them to attempt. Fortunately, it is usually possible to install a stair lift system outdoors. It is necessary to choose a stair lift system that is designed for use in outdoor conditions, as exposure to rain can quickly corrode systems that are not designed for these conditions. Unfortunately, ice can be an issue that will need to be mitigated if you live somewhere that experiences intense winter weather, as thick ice accumulations can block the railing. Choosing an outdoor stair lift system that has deicing capabilities can be an essential step in these situations.

Are Stair Lifts Suitable For Wheelchair Users?

For those with severe mobility issues, it may be necessary to use a wheelchair to move around. These individuals may assume that they will be unable to utilize a stair lift system, but this may not be the case. Some of these systems can be designed to have a wheelchair strapped into them. These stair lift systems can be more costly to purchase, but they will save a person from needing to transfer out of their wheelchair to ride the lift before transferring into a different wheelchair at the top of the stairs.

Will Major Structural Changes Be Needed To Install A Stair Lift System?

The installation of a stair lift system is a relatively major change to make to your home. However, it is often possible to install the chair lift system without the need to make major changes to the house itself. In some cases, it may be necessary to install additional supports that can be used to anchor the stair lift system, but this addition can be done in a discrete way so that you avoid impacts to the appearance of your home's interior design. Prior to the installation work starting, a contractor will assess your stairs to determine whether these changes will be needed.