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Three Types Of Water Treatment Business Oppurtunities

by Priscilla Terry

If you are interested in starting a water treatment business or are curious about ways to expand your current water treatment business, then you most likely want to know where to start. The water treatment and filtration business is wide compared to other businesses, and it includes water filtration and water well services, as well as products and services that allow for better-tasting municipal water.

Water Treatment

One of the most lucrative, but also the most intensive water treatment services you can provide are water filtration services. This would require you to build or lease a water treatment facility and find a way to transport or receive wastewater that comes from other businesses, as well as municipal sources. You would most likely not be providing water treatment services to the average person, as most people do not need this type of service. Additionally, those that do need water treatment services generally require them in different forms, such as water well management and taste-altering products.

Water Well Services

If you are interested in starting a consumer, person-orientated business as opposed to one that deals with wastewater from municipal areas or other businesses, then you can start a business maintaining and repairing local wells in rural areas. This form of water treatment allows for areas that would otherwise suffer from dirty, unsafe water and its ill effects to have clean water. This type of business is less capital-intensive than one requiring an entire facility, but it can still be difficult to start. You will most likely need to become a certified water well driller or hire someone who is. Additionally, unless you join a franchise, you will need your own well tools.

Taste-Altering Services

Finally, one option with a wide range of capital requirements includes services that allow for otherwise clean municipal water to taste better for the average person. This is another consumer-focused business, but instead of sending technicians out to people's homes, you would be selling a product that filters and treats tap water. This can mean designing your own product, finding a manufacturer, and marketing the product yourself or becoming part of a franchise. Franchise-style businesses will offer more support to a business owner, but at the cost of less control over the product or certain business activities.

Water treatment businesses can be lucrative if you know how to provide products and services that appeal to your local area. Water filtration and other water well services are better fit for rural areas without access to municipal water, while services that allow for more appealing tap water can better assist suburban and urban areas. Always do your research on what services appeal to your area, as well as what options are available to you given your capital.

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