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How A Refrigerated Incubator Can Help Your Business

by Priscilla Terry

If your business relies on refrigerated products such as meat, ice cream, other food ingredients, or even cosmetic products, then you should consider upgrading your cooling implements. A refrigerated incubator can be used for all of those products and more while offering more precise temperature adjustments and space-saving properties and while lasting longer than a typical refrigerator.

Precise Temperatures

Refrigerated incubators can be a great addition to any business that wants more precise temperatures for the products they have. Many food products, for example, can be kept cooled within a certain range of temperatures, but stay fresh longer when more specific temperatures are used. If your business needs a cooling implement for just one product or only a few, then you'll likely benefit from incubators with focused temperatures for each product or any products that share temperatures. This precision can allow you to increase the quality of your product without sacrificing space.

Space-Saving Capabilities

Another benefit of refrigerated incubators is that they come in the same sizes as regular refrigerators while still storing more. Incubators cool their interior without the use of coils that a refrigerator has, allowing each incubator to store more than a refrigerator of the same size. As such, if it makes more sense for a certain area to have a below-the-counter refrigerator, then you can easily find an incubator around the same size and get more bang for your buck. Plus, even if you're not interested in incubators in special sizes, you can always just use an incubator in place of your main refrigerator and have extra room for whatever products you choose to cool.


Finally, one of the best benefits of a refrigerated incubator is that they generally last longer than the average refrigerator. Incubators cool products through thermoelectric cooling, allowing for fewer parts to be used per incubator compared to refrigerators. These parts last longer than the coils found in regular refrigerators, and there are fewer moving parts to degrade over time. This allows a business owner or operator to cool their products with fewer instances of breakdowns.

It's important to note that many incubators are less energy efficient than the average refrigerator, but in return, you have more space and better temperatures. Additionally, the energy-efficiency can very easily be increased through simple methods such as storing more or turning off automatic defrost cycles when possible.

Refrigerated incubators can be a beneficial addition to any business that needs their food or cosmetic products cooled. Incubators offer more precise temperatures, more space, and low maintenance cooling compared to regular refrigerators. If you are looking for an upgrade to your kitchen or cosmetic services, find a refrigerated incubator for your business today.