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Tips For Adding Memoirs Of Alaska Pioneers To Your Reading List

by Priscilla Terry

Alaska was one of the last states added to the United States, but it also happens to have some of the deepest natural history and untapped wonder that you will find. Since it has a large volume of unspoiled land and a freezing cold climate, there have been plenty of memoirs written by Alaskan explorers and pioneers. There are lots of memoirs that you can pick up a copy of or add to your digital device, and you will be glad that you did when you see how they can both influence and inform you. 

With this in mind, read the points below to see what you can learn from these memoirs and why they are important. 

Read up on some Alaska pioneer memoirs to learn more about the human experience and dealing with adversity

First off, you should put together a book list of the best Alaskan exploration memoirs around. There are memoirs that deal with things like studying wild bears, learning about the odyssey and adventure of lone travelers, studying wolves in their natural habitat, and so much more. Always keep an eye on the bigger picture when you are putting together your reading list. These books aren't just personal stories to entertain you -- they are meant to inspire and motivate you on a human level. The authors that penned these memoirs had to contend with and overcome the elements in search of their Alaskan journeys. These stories are filled with the idea of overcoming adversity and making the most of nature and everything in it. 

Use these memoirs to grow your knowledge of Alaska and nature

When you put together your Alaska memoir list, it is also important that you use it to teach you all about the geography and environment of Alaska. While the planet's climate changes over the years, you can find a lot of tips and clues about Alaska as a whole when you read these memoirs and learn from them. The vast majority of Alaska is sheer wilderness since it features 365 million acres of land but only about 1 million acres of this are privately owned. 

Reading these memoirs will teach you all about Alaska's unspoiled nature so that you can start marking some sights and attractions that you will want to visit on your next trip. 

Follow the tips in this article to add the best Alaskan explorer memoirs to your reading list. 

To learn more, contact a bookstore that carries Alaska pioneer memoirs.