Managing Business Responsibly

Are You Making These Business Signage Mistakes?

by Priscilla Terry

You may pay a lot of attention to the signage inside your store, but how much attention do you pay to the rest of the signs at your place of business? If you are like a lot of business owners, you make some rather common mistakes with your outdoor signs. Unfortunately, these simple mistakes can send the wrong impression to onlookers. Take a look at a few mistakes you should make sure you do not make with your business property signage that you have outside. 

You have never updated your sign. 

Maybe you own an old family business and that vintage sign you inherited is still in place on the building's exterior, so you just leave it there. It is normal to want to hang onto a sign because it represents something nostalgic, but it is always best if a sign is updated periodically. You can always work with a signage designer to create a modern sign with new materials that looks just the same as your old one but is in better shape. 

You do not have any lights on your sign. 

Lights are one of the most important modern implements on a sign. It is fine if you have lights that surround your sign, but it is so much better if lights are actually a part of the sign in some way or another. You can make an incredible difference by adding something as simple as an LED light strip around a sign's perimeter, for example. Your sign instantly becomes more noteworthy in a sea of others and far more noticeable from a difference. 

You let small issues go unfixed on your signs. 

If you are an attentive business owner, the smallest issues with your sign will be incredibly annoying, and you will make sure you do what you have to in order to get the problems fixed. For example, if you have a plastic sign and each letter of the name of your business has a light, you are not going to let the sign be if one light goes out. This one little thing can completely change the statement your business makes when the sun goes down. Just imagine if you passed a company sign that was missing a few letters because some lights were out. You may get a giggle, but you may also question whether the store is attentive to other important details. 

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