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Investing In A Used Freezer For Your Commercial Kitchen: Four Things To Consider

by Priscilla Terry

Purchasing a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer can be a smart move for your restaurant. You may be able to save money by purchasing used while adding essential food storage to your kitchen. Before you purchase a stainless steel commercial freezer, here are some things to consider.


When purchasing used kitchen equipment, you want to make sure that all parts are in good working order. A refurbished model can help set your mind at ease. Look for a seller that offers refurbished equipment and be sure to ask about the process for restoring the freezer back to like-new quality. For example, the compressor should be checked to ensure proper operation. The seals on all three freezer doors should also be inspected to help keep foods stored safely inside. You may want to ask for an inspection and repair breakdown to let you know what problems have been resolved before you buy.

Storage Flexibility

Some commercial three-door freezers feature separate shelves, while others have guides on the sides to hold food pans. The option you select will depend on your restaurant's needs. If you handle a lot of catering work or if you prep foods the night before, a freezer that can hold food pans may be your best bet. For restaurants that prepare every menu item the day of service, storage shelves can be a smart choice. Some freezer models may provide a mixture of both for flexible storage space. If you purchase a used freezer that features shelves, be sure that all of the shelves are included in your purchase.

Refrigerant Needs

It's important to make sure your restaurant is doing what it can for the environment, and that means purchasing a freezer that uses environmentally friendly refrigerant. Some older models may use harmful chemicals that can have a negative impact on the environment. As you shop, be sure to ask about the refrigerant requirements. You may also want to do some independent research ahead of time to ensure you know about each type of refrigerant. This can help you ask the right questions when you are ready to shop. The EPA has provided valuable information to walk you through which types of refrigerants are acceptable in retail food environments.

Caster Durability

Commercial freezers featuring casters are easy to move as needed throughout your kitchen. Don't forget to check the current condition of the casters when you shop for a used stainless steel freezer. You may find that some are worn or broken down, which can make moving the heavy appliance difficult. Ask the seller to let you roll the freezer on your own to make sure it is mobile and ready for placement in your restaurant's kitchen