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4 Benefits Of Using A Flatbed Printer

by Priscilla Terry

Print services are critical to most businesses. The type of printer available to your business will determine the quality and scope of your printed materials.

While there are many different types of printers available, a large-format flatbed printer can offer benefits that no other printer can.

Here are four ways that you will benefit from investing in a flatbed printer for your office in the future.

1. Print on Diverse Materials

It's not enough just to print on paper. Today's businesses need the ability to print on a wide range of materials. 

Having the ability to print on mesh screens, plastic canvas, and other materials allows you to easily customize your printed materials.

A flatbed printer provides ample space to transfer your designs onto any material that you would like to incorporate into a project. You will be able to generate printed materials that are unique and interesting, which helps your business stand apart from your competitors.

2. Become More Sustainable

Modern consumers are very concerned with the sustainability of the goods and services they invest in on a regular basis. Investing in a flatbed printer can help you make your printing activities more eco-friendly.

UV flatbed printers are energy efficient. Fewer ink cartridges are also used when printing with a UV flatbed printer. Your company can reduce its reliance on nonrenewable resources while minimizing its overhead costs by printing with the help of a flatbed printer.

3. Create Durable Materials

UV flatbed printers can enhance the durability of your printed materials.

The unique UV curing process helps protect ink against the environment. You won't have to worry about your printed items fading, cracking, or sustaining any other type of damage when exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period of time.

The use of a flatbed printer will help you improve the quality of your printed materials while eliminating the need to send your large-scale printing projects to a third-party printing company.

4. Use White Ink

Traditional printers don't give you the ability to use white ink in your designs. This can limit the scope of your design.

A UV flatbed printer has white ink capabilities. You can utilize white ink as a spot color, flood color, or diffusion layer color when you invest in a flatbed printer.

The ability to utilize white ink can help you broaden your design horizons when creating materials that will be printed.

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