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Reasons To Consider Testing For Your Water Supply After Buying A New Home

by Priscilla Terry

Before you buy a new home, you usually hire an inspector to take a look at everything from the insulation to the plumbing. But one specific thing you might not get tested before moving in is the quality of the incoming water supply from the local municipality. It's unlikely there's a major problem if none of the neighbors are filing complaints and yet, it's still one more thing that might be worth looking into just to be absolutely sure when moving into a new house. This could be even more true if you do notice something funny about your water going on in the weeks or months following your move-in. Here's why reaching out to a local company that offers water testing is a good idea.

Have a Firm Do Comprehensive Analysis

The local municipality likely does its own testing of the supply that gets sent out into residential neighborhoods. But this government testing might not be as complete as you would like. By hiring your own private water testing service, you can get an in-depth analysis of exactly what's in the local supply that is coming out of your showerhead or faucets. This is information that might be hard to obtain from the local town and a private firm is more likely to provide a more complete picture for you.

Analyze the Situation If You Develop an Issue or Concern

Perhaps the reason you are now looking into water testing is that something odd occurred during your first weeks in your new house. Do you feel like your skin is drier than normal after taking a shower? Have you noticed a funky taste in your morning coffee if you use tap water? Maybe your water supply is harder than you initially thought and you might want to consider installing a filter. In any case, a water testing service can help you figure out what is actually causing the problem so you can respond appropriately and fix the issue. It could also rule out the water supply as the culprit for your problem, at which point you'll know to focus your investigation elsewhere.

Have Better Peace of Mind That All Is Well in Your New House

By contacting a local water testing firm, you'll educate yourself about the water you and your family use while bathing or eating. Even if you don't find anything wrong, it's still a good investment because it will give you better peace of mind about your new digs. Contact a water testing service for more information.