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Screen Enclosure Options For Your Patio

by Priscilla Terry

Using a screen barrier to enclose your patio will eliminate instances where insects interfere with the enjoyment of an outdoor meal or social activity. Choose a heavy-gauge screen material, a framing system, and patio curtains, to provide you with alternative ways to implement protection or add a layer of privacy to your property.

A Screen Dome Or Panels With Cutouts

A heavy-gauge screen material will withstand wind and pet interference. A screen dome will consist of a metal framework and a large piece of screen fabric, which is constructed of vinyl-coated polyester. Metal posts can be installed around the perimeter of your deck, or you can choose a dome size that will enclose a particular portion of your patio.

Panels that contain door-shaped cutouts and a magnetic or latch system to secure each opening will allow easy access into or out of the enclosure. If you will be enjoying your patio's ambiance at night and want to minimize disruptions from precipitation, purchase a screen enclosure that contains a waterproof solid fabric that covers the top part of the enclosure. You will still be supplied with a panoramic view since the sides of the enclosure will consist of a see-through screen material.

If you want the enclosure to be somewhat private, but would still like to be supplied with a way to look out into your yard, choose an enclosure that contains paneled walls and window cutouts. With this type of enclosure, you can have a screen added to each window opening. 

Privacy Curtains

There may be occasions in which you would like to enjoy a cross breeze, but would not like to have the screen material in view from all angles. Purchase patio curtains and have them installed along the interior side of the screen enclosure. Choose curtain sets that contain dual panels, allowing you to tie back the coverings or pull them together when you would like to block sunlight or add more privacy to an intimate gathering.

Curtains that are designed for outdoor use will be weather- and mildew-resistant. Solid-colored fabric will add a distinct outline around the areas where you are gathering, and printed fabrics can lighten up the outdoor area or give it a trendy vibe.

Before purchasing patio curtains, measure the screen fabric sections where the curtains will be overlapping. If you choose a heavy gauge fabric type, the sun's UV rays will be blocked when the curtains are closed, and this will aid in keeping your patio environment cool and comfortable.

For more information about installing a screen enclosure around your patio, contact a local installation professional.