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Run A Food Processing Plant? Why Your Employees Need Metal Detectable Pens

by Priscilla Terry

If you run a food processing plant, you can't afford to take chances with the equipment. It's your responsibility to worry about every aspect of the process. That includes worrying about the pens your employees carry on them during work hours. This is especially important in a food processing plant. That's where metal detectable pens come into the picture. Metal detectable pens are the perfect writing utensil for any food processing plant employee. Here are several of the reasons why you need to purchase metal detectable pens for use in your food processing plant. 

Detectable by Magnets

When you process food, you need to know that everything that leaves your plant is safe for human consumption. If your employees are carrying ordinary pens during work hours, you can't make that guarantee. That's because pens can fall out of pockets. When that happens, they can end up in the food you're processing. Unfortunately, plastic pens aren't detectable by magnets, which is why your employees need to carry metal detectable pens. When detectable pens fall into the food, they'll be picked up by the magnets. No more worry about the safety of the food you're processing. 

Useful on Multiple Surfaces

If your employees need to take notes concerning the food being processed, you need to know that the pens they're using will work. You can't afford to worry about the surfaces your employees are writing on. Unfortunately, most ordinary pens will only work on certain surfaces. You won't have that worry when your employees carry detectable pens. They're designed to write on just about any surface, including glass and metal. 

Antimicrobial Coverings

When it comes to processing food, you need to protect the work environment against germs and bacteria. Ordinary pens hold onto germs, which means they're a health hazard for the food you're processing. One of the great things about detectable pens is that they're designed with antimicrobial coverings. That means they won't carry any germs and bacteria that can be transferred between employees. 


Finally, if your employees work in a refrigerated environment, they need pens that are designed to withstand the cold. If they're carrying ordinary pens, they may need to worry about frozen ink. When ordinary pens get cold, the ink won't flow properly. Luckily, that's not the case with metal detectable pens. They're designed to be temperature-resistant, which means the ink will continue to flow, regardless of the temperature.

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