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5 Things To Look For In A Netsuite Solution Provider

by Priscilla Terry

Cloud-based technology solutions have slowly made it possible for business owners to have access to a broad range of service offerings that can be highly valuable for their operation, Netsuite, which is perhaps one of the most highly recognized cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) programs, is one example of a cloud-based program a lot of business owners now use, and many providers make Netsuite solutions available. How do you know which provider is going to serve your company the best? Here are a few good attributes to look for as you browse the many selections available to your company. 

1. The company offers customized Netsuite solutions. 

Netsuite is incredibly diverse, and not every program is designed to benefit every type of company. The best solutions provider will do a Netsuite assessment to see which programs will work for you and your company. 

2. The company offers around-the-clock support for issues. 

When you run into an obstacle with your implemented Netsuite solutions, you will need to reach out to the provider and get guidance, even if it happens to be after business hours. Therefore, it is best if you find a provider that offers support around the clock.

3. The company offers programs to help your users learn how to use Netsuite programs. 

While the provider will handle a lot of the automated tasks associated with Netsuite programs, users on your end will also need to know how to use the solutions that the provider implements. For example, a cloud-based inventory management program is something your users should be able to use. The best provider will offer you materials to help show your employees how to use the programs. 

4. The company has a proven track record with other business owners. 

Take a look at some of the reviews given on Google about the Netsuite solutions provider. Any company that is going to have a lot to offer you as a customer is likely going to have a proven track record with prior clients.

5. The company offers competitive pricing. 

When shopping for a cloud-based technological service, it is never wise to shop only by price alone. However, it is still important that you do make sure you are getting a fair price for the Netsuite service and support. Take the time to check out some of the pricing listed by other service providers to make sure the prices a company you are considering are fair.

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