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How To Get A Brighter Smile At Home With An LED Teeth Whitening Kit Powered By Your Smartphone

by Priscilla Terry

If you want better results from your teeth whitening treatments at home, consider trying LED whitening. You can buy a kit that contains the whitening gel and light so you have everything you need. You can even buy an LED kit that connects to your smartphone so you don't have to buy batteries for the light. Here's a look at how to use a smartphone-powered teeth whitening kit.

Apply The Whitening Gel

The gel that comes with the kit is what whitens your teeth. The light just makes the gel more effective. If you've ever had laser teeth whitening at your dentist's office, you know the purpose of the laser light is to make the whitening gel work better at getting your teeth white.

While the gel used in home kits isn't as strong as what's used in a dentist's office, when the gel is combined with an LED light, it is much more effective than using whitening gels or strips alone.

Apply The Light

Once the gel is applied according to the instructions that come with the product, it's time to apply the light. The light is placed right next to your teeth, so you'll put a device in your mouth that covers the front of your teeth. The light stays in place for several minutes, but the overall treatment time will probably be shorter than when you use gel alone.

When you use a smartphone kit, the lighted mouthpiece attaches to your smartphone with a cable that gives the LED lights power. While you'll rinse and dry the mouthpiece when you're finished, it's important to keep the cable dry.

Use The Kit For Several Days

Your kit comes with instructions on how often to brush on the whitening gel and use the light. The kit comes with enough gel for several uses, but you don't use the product continuously. Instead, after you've used it initially to whiten your teeth, you stop using the kit for several weeks and then start again for a short period to maintain your bright smile.

Apply Remineralization Gel

LED teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity just like any other type of whitening treatment. Your kit may come with remineralization gel to apply after your treatments, but if not, you can buy remineralization toothpaste to help with tooth sensitivity.

LED lights do not harm your teeth, so this is a safe and effective way to get better teeth whitening results at home. Plus, a smartphone-powered kit is affordable. You'll still need to brush and floss daily to maintain good oral health, and you may want to limit coffee and tea so your teeth don't get stained as quickly after you've whitened them.

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