Managing Business Responsibly

Have A New Business? 2 Ways To Promote It To Bring In Customers

by Priscilla Terry

If you have a new business, you may not have as many customers as you would like in the beginning. Fortunately, there are many ways you can promote your business so you can increase your customer base and put green in your pocket.

Imprinted Promotional Calendars

Most people use a calendar on their smartphone, but they may also like to have a calendar sitting on their desk or hanging on a wall. You can take advantage of this by using imprinted promotional calendars. These calendars can be made as desk calendars, wall calendars, or magnet calendars. 

Decide on the theme you want for your imprinted promotional calendar. You could choose to put a different image of your products as each month's art. You could put a quote that goes well with the month. Include your logo, business name, and other information on each month.  

Using imprinted promotional calendars can quickly spread the word about your company. Hand them out to people at functions, such as at exhibit booths. Hand out calendars to customers that come into your company. To learn more, contact a company that makes imprinted promotional calendars.

Company Website

The website for your company is very important. This is because it is projected that e-commerce revenue will grow to an estimated $6.54 trillion in sales in the United States in 2022. You should hire a website designer to create a website for you as this professional will know how to properly set everything up. The website designer can set up all the items that you sell online and give information about each item. This professional will also ensure that everything is set up so it will make it easy for your customers to navigate your site.  

The website designer will also make sure your website is mobile-friendly. This is because there are around 2 billion people in the world that only use their smartphones to access the Internet. Many of these people shop online, so this can increase your sales greatly. Making your website mobile-friendly means that no matter what size of smartphone someone is using, your website will fit their screen. This will make it much easier for people to navigate your site and find the products that they are looking for.

The website designer can also ensure that your website will show up well in search engine results. One way they can do this is by using search engine optimization.

There are many more ways to promote your company, such as handing out flyers, putting ads in local newspapers, and setting up business signs.