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3 Reasons To Choose An Inpatient Detox Center

by Priscilla Terry

A drug or alcohol addiction can take a serious toll on a person's quality of life. Making the decision to quit is often not enough — most people need professional help to overcome their addictions. The first step in the recovery process is detoxification.

Your body may react negatively once you stop consuming the drug or alcohol of your choice. An inpatient detox center provides the safest and most comfortable option for those looking to take back control of their lives by quitting drugs or alcohol.

1. Access to Medications

An inpatient detox center employs a full medical staff to help its patients begin their journey to sobriety. Medical personnel at your disposal can allow you to alleviate some of the negative symptoms associated with the detoxification process.

A medication called Librium may be used to help combat the hallucinations and seizures many experience when detoxing from alcohol. Methadone can be prescribed and administered throughout your stay if you are detoxing from opioids. This medication will provide relief for any muscle aches, nausea, or anxiety you feel as you detox your body.

2. Development of Coping Skills

Serious addicts use their drug of choice as a way to cope with the emotions they are feeling at any given time. An inpatient detox center can jumpstart the recovery process by offering counseling to help you begin developing your coping skills.

Once you have completed the detoxification process, you can build upon the coping skills you have learned in an inpatient recovery treatment program.

3. Access to a Support System

The detoxification process can be challenging, but it can help to have access to a support system of capable individuals while you are completing your detox. You will be able to associate with other addicts who are starting their recovery in an inpatient detox center. This allows you to discuss what you are going through with someone who knows exactly how you feel. You will also be able to receive support through individual and group therapy sessions.

The support that is available to you in an inpatient detox center could make the difference between a life of sobriety and a relapse into drug or alcohol abuse.

Don't let the thought of detoxing alone prevent you from getting sober. An inpatient detox facility can provide you with the medical, emotional, and spiritual support that you will need to get through the difficult detoxification process.