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How Long Should You Keep Your Office Furniture?

by Priscilla Terry

When you purchase beautiful furniture for your office, you might hope that it will last forever. However, the furniture will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. However long your furniture lasts depends on the quality of the furniture, the type of furniture being used, how much the furniture is used and how well it is cared for.

Chairs are Replaced More Often

If a chair is used full-time, you can expect it to last for seven to ten years. You will usually want to replace a chair when you notice that it begins to fray or become wobbly at the bottom. If the chair is not comfortable, it might interfere with the ability of your workers to remain productive.

Some Furniture Can Be Reupholstered

If there is a particular type of fabric you would like for your furniture, it might make more sense to reupholster it if it has become damaged. You can hire a reupholster specialist to perform necessary repairs. If you are ever considering updating a piece of furniture, you'll want to make sure that the furniture is structurally sound. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense to reupholster it.

Desks Last Longer

An office desk will usually last longer than an office chair. Many offices will not replace their desks unless they are changing the look of their office. However, you might notice that the legs have become loose. You might also notice that the finish for the desk is wearing down. This is especially a problem with a wooden desk. You and your team can determine whether the tables can be repaired or replaced. 

Conference Tables Last the Longest

A conference table is another piece of furniture that is likely to last a long time. The table is not used very often. However, you might be updating your office and find that the table doesn't match the style of the rest of your furniture. You especially may need to upgrade the conference table if you will be adding a large number of people as you expand the size of your company. You may be updating your conference table to add plugs and cords so that you can use the latest technology to have the best conference possible.

Office furniture is not usually kept as an antique. Instead, the furniture is expected to be replaced at some point. Even with furniture that isn't used very often, you might still replace it after fifteen years. For more information or ideas, contact office furnishing suppliers.