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Long Ride To Work Each Day? How To Transform The Commute With A Smile

by Priscilla Terry

Although most people try to live as close to their jobs as possible, this isn't always feasible. You may have been pitched a job offer that you couldn't refuse, and because the cost of living in the area adjacent to the workplace is so high, you've now been forced to drive quite a distance to get to the site. It's tough having to rise earlier than normal just to make it to work on time, as well as battle through the frantic sea of drivers and arrive without feeling stressed. If you have a long commute and want to make the most of those moments, you should buy a few comedy albums and enjoy the ride.

Comedy Albums Lift Your Mood

Morning rush hour traffic can be a beast. Everyone is in a rush to get to the office, and some people have a take-no-prisoners attitude that makes them an absolute terror on the roads. As you head in to work each day, you are bombarded with all kinds of stimuli that may get you feeling tense and frustrated before you've taken your first call for the day. You need a way to safely relieve the tension, and a comedy album can help you do it.

Comedy albums contain either the full stand-up routine from a comedian's show or snippets from different sketches that a person or group has done. You might find yourself receiving puzzled stares from other motorists who are looking at you and wondering why you're laughing and seem to be in such a great mood! What they don't realize is that you're getting your daily dose of humor, and it feels so good that you greet the day with a smile instead of a frown.

Learn About Lesser-Known Comics Who Are Amazingly Funny

While there are certainly many household names in the world of comedy, you don't have to be limited to just listening to the people you know. As you become more immersed in comedy, your tastes and interests may start to further develop. New comics come into view, and you begin to find out about great comics who speak about very real topics in a way that makes you both think and bowl over with laughter.

Listening to great comics each day could cause you to become a comedian in your own right. You'll hear great jokes that you can retell at the office to bring joy to those around you. Look at the offerings of companies like Laughing Hyena Records to get started.