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Important Sports Events That Your Local News Channel May Cover

by Priscilla Terry

If you're passionate about sports at the local level, it's nice to be able to turn on the news and learn more about the teams and athletes in your area. While you have plenty of outlets to follow professional sports, local news stations often do a good job of telling stories about the local sports scene. While the exact types of stories that your local news channel covers may vary based on several factors, here are some important events that you can expect to see on TV when they occur.

High School Teams Winning State Championships

In the world of high school athletics, there's nothing bigger than winning a state championship. If one of your local high schools has progressed to the point that it's competing in the state championship in a certain sport, you can expect to see plenty of coverage from your local news channel. Should the team win the championship, the channel will often provide game recaps, interviews with players and coaches, and perhaps even coverage of the team's arrival back home. If there's a parade or other event in town to recognize the team's accomplishments, the local news channel will likely cover this celebration, too.

Local Athletes Signing With Colleges

National Signing Day is a big day on the calendar for high school athletes who are committing to play collegiate sports. While the national media will cover the country's best college prospects in sports such as football and basketball, you can count on your local news station to provide comprehensive coverage of high school athletes in your local area. Whether there's just a single high school in town or there are a few high schools, you can expect to learn about which students have committed to play sports at which colleges.

Professional Athletes Returning Home

Another type of event that local news channels often cover is when professional athletes return home to the community. This may happen in a number of ways. For example, an athlete who has won a professional championship may bring the team's trophy to the community for a day, giving local residents a chance to see the trophy in person and get their photo taken with it. Or, a professional athlete may attempt to help local amateur athletes by leading a clinic or camp in which the kids can develop their skills in a specific sport. Your local news channel will likely be on the scene to talk to the professional athlete and some of the participants.