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Soundproofing Your Apartment For Peace And Quiet

by Priscilla Terry

The apartment of your dreams may have beautiful finishes, a spacious rooftop, and amenities galore. However, imagine spending the first night in your new apartment and having to deal with loud neighbors. Whether it's people talking loudly, frequent loud parties, loud bass, or impact noises from the tenants above you, your sleep and well-being may be at risk. If you have your landlord's permission, make an appointment with a soundproofing company to evaluate your apartment. The soundproofing technician may suggest the following interventions to help you regain your peace and quiet. 

Door And Window Remedies

Noise can seep into apartments through gaps underneath the doors or from windows that let in street noise. If you hear your neighbors chatting by the elevator or if apartment doors slamming shut are too jarring for you, consider getting a door strip or seal. If you live in a smaller apartment building, duplex, or 3-flat, your landlord may allow you to replace your door with a solid, soundproof door, at your own cost.

If you live in a large complex, a door seal may be your best option to help dampen hallway noise. While a door seal may significantly cut down on noise, residual noise may still seep through. To lessen street noise, the soundproofing company technician may recommend heavy window treatments or a sealing kit to reduce outdoor sounds. Be sure to check with your landlord or read your lease to determine if you can put screws or nails into your window framing. 

Loud Footsteps And Impact Noises

While hallway noises, lateral sounds from your next-door neighbors, and outdoor noises are annoying, they pale in comparison to impact noises from the tenants above you. Whether it's loud footsteps, noises made by dropping things, "moving furniture" sounds, or the thumping and scampering sounds of dogs running around, noise from your upstairs tenants can lead to anxiety and sleepless nights. It also takes away your right to the quiet enjoyment of your home.

Quieting upstairs noise is more challenging than trying to reduce lateral noises, which can often be managed by hanging pictures or tapestries on your walls or by strategically placing upholstered furniture against the walls in which sounds are leaking through. Placing acoustic tiles on your ceiling may diminish impact noises from above you; however, talking to management or your landlord may be your best bet. They can recommend that the upstairs tenant place thick carpeting on the hardwood floors so that impact noises and loud footstep sounds are be minimized. 

To learn more about how to soundproof your living space, make an appointment with a soundproofing service company like J and M Interior Specialties. The technician will visit your home and evaluate problem areas so that an effective plan of action can be implemented.