Managing Business Responsibly

4 Signs Your Business Could Benefit From A Document Shredding Service

by Priscilla Terry

Document shredding services are a unique operation. These professionals pick up your sensitive documents, shred them with industrial shredders that cross-cut all pieces, and then immediately recycle the material. With no way for anyone to take the shredded documents from the trash and no way for anyone to piece shreds together, all information contained in the documents is absolutely protected. If you are unsure of whether you could benefit from a document shredding service, there are a few signs you should know. 

You work with a lot of high-profile clients. 

Perhaps you are a salon that is frequented by high-profile clients, such as area business people, public figures, or well-known entertainers. Perhaps you are a talent agency and work with a lot of high-profile people. These people often need more protection than others because there are so many who want to know their private information. For example, if you owned a day spa visited by a known actress, people would pay to know how much they spend for certain treatments, and there are willing trash diggers looking to find that kind of information. 

You handle a lot of sensitive financial information. 

Banks, mortgage companies, finance companies, payday advance lenders, bail bonds agencies—all of these places handle sensitive financial information. Bank statements, copies of checks, tax records, and even loan agreements could all be used by thieves trying to steal someone's identity or use someone else's money for their own purposes. 

You could put people at risk if their information were exposed. 

Maybe you handle highly sensitive medical scenarios. Perhaps you work with clients on legal matters. Sometimes, it is the type of information that can be contained in a company's documents that means they should have their waste carefully handled. In these types of businesses, the exposure of certain information could be risky for them personally, so it should be protected well. 

You have problems with dumpster divers. 

In some situations, the simple fact that there is an issue with dumpster divers can be a signal that you need a document shredding service for help. It is not at all uncommon these days for people to dig around in trash to try and get their hands on personal data that can be used to their advantage. If you don't have a secure place for your dumpster and locks seem to do no good, a shredding service is a good option.