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3 Things to Understand About Luxury Portable Toilets

by Priscilla Terry

Some people just can't stand regular portable toilets, with the open toilet area where the waste goes and the small rectangular space that can feel too restrictive. If you are one of those people who don't enjoy regular portable toilets, you can rent luxury portable toilet trailers for your next event. Portable toilet trailers vary greatly from regular plastic portable toilets.

Luxury Toilets Are Like Regular Toilets

One of the reasons so many people don't feel comfortable with a traditional portable toilet is because your waste just goes down into a dark hole. You are not able to flush away your waste when you are done using the restroom; you know it is sitting down there with everyone else's waste.

For many people, this visual is more than they can handle. That is why portable restroom trailers are so great: they have regular flushing toilets, just like when you use your restroom at home. You are able to sit down on a nice porcelain toilet and flush when you get up. Having flushing, regular toilets can make the experience of using the restroom when away from home much more pleasant for you.

Luxury Toilets Have a Sink

Another reason many people don't enjoy portable toilets is because many only have hand sanitizer inside of them or an outside hand washing station where you have to step on a lever to get water. With a luxury portable toilet trailer rental, the bathrooms you rent will have regular sinks with mirrors over them and running water.

Having running water will help keep your event more sanitary. It also makes it easier for people to wash away dirt and freshen up when they use the bathroom.

Luxury Toilets Offer Options

With luxury portable toilets, you have a lot of options. You can rent a trailer with two stalls, which is perfect for a small event that will last for a few hours and has less than a hundred guests. Or you can rent large portable toilet trailers that have anywhere from three to ten stalls. The number of stalls you need depends on the length and size of your event.

If you are planning an event that you need portable bathrooms for but don't want to rent traditional portable toilets, consider renting luxury portable toilet trailers that come with regular toilets you can flush, sinks with running water, and a variety of different size options.